Early Access

The third alpha test will be held from April 27 to May 25, 2020!

The description of Skylore-new fantasy MMORPG online with open world

Join the open test of a new free mobile MMORPG Skylore in English. Become one of the first heroes of incredible world which story has only begun!

❗️The game is under development and some elements and mechanics may be changed by official launch. The testing is held only in English and Russian languages.


Take part in creating of the new MMORPG universe: play, chat on the forum and Discord server with developers and players, share feedback and bug reports. The most active participants of the testing will receive valuable rewards!


Skylore is an exciting adventurous and role-playing experience on mobiles for free that blends together all the classic features we adore so much in a fantasy MMORPG. You will find here something special to enjoy: magnificent story, unique heroes, flexible and dynamic level-up talent system, online PvP and PvE regimes, splendid graphics, open world, friends from all over the world and many more.


The era of astonishing discovery and extreme wars awaits ahead. Become the first hero and brave explorer of Skylore hardened by utmost adventures!


The first player is a pathfinder who helps us to make the game better responsibly. We hope that:


• You’re ready to test the game from 19th of November till 2nd of December.
• You will notice bugs and tell us about every error you find.
• You will react toward breaks with understanding and patience as there might be bugs from client or server side.
• You will share your feedback and suggestions about the game.



• Translation in Russian and English languages
• 2 factions, 6 playable races
• 5 classes with different fighting mechanics
• Unique hero’s development system: 150+ talents for each class
• 6 big territories and more than 50 locations
• More than 25 storyline, 110 additional and about 80 daily quests
• Dungeons — PvE mode with procedure generated locations, tactical fights with bosses and dynamic level change system
• Arena 3х3 — group PvP mode with search for a group
• Battlefields — group 8×8 PvP battles between factions with dynamic level change system
• Leveling up to 15 level
• Chats and friend lists for comfortable communication and cooperation with players all over the world
• Every day you may find diamonds, the premium in-game currency, in the premium shop. Buying of items and payments for real currency are not available at the moment

Stay tuned for updates in the official Facebook community.

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