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Smashing Heroes: AFK RPG

💡 Platform – iOS

The description of Smashing Heroes: AFK RPG (by Mintry Inc.)

Get the best equipment with the thrill of endless draws! With a monster chest that continuously spews out equipment and reliable heroes always by your side, there’s nothing to fear anymore!

■ Endless Chest Drops and Best Equipment to Win Them All!

Experience the thrill of chest drops! Draw the best equipment and power up your chances to win!

Smashing Heroes: AFK RPG

■ Simple Training and Effortless Idle Play!

Easy to use and grants plenty of rewards! Super fast growth from level 1 to level 99!

Smashing Heroes: AFK RPG

■ Collect Unique Companion Characters

Pick up a collection of unique characters and embark on adventures together! Feel the power of your team!

Smashing Heroes: AFK RPG

■ Strategic Battles with Various Hero Combinations

Defeat enemies with your very own strategy! Choose faction and class, and become the true king of strategy with diverse hero combinations!

Smashing Heroes: AFK RPG

■ Reward-Filled Endless Dungeons

Earn an unlimited number of rewards from various dungeons! Collect endless rewards and become a legend!

Smashing Heroes: AFK RPG
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