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Snake Online – EN

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Snake Online (by Luogame)

About this game
The soft cute little snake has a small dream of tasting delicious food in the world and determined to become the “Snake King”.
Snake online is a cool and cute leisure competitive game suitable for all ages. Players will act as a little cute snake and invite their friends to compete with other cute snakes controlled by foreign players. Time to wield your witness to strive!

1. Start as a snake, grow longer by gobbling. To become a larger snake, you need to keep swallowing the flowing orbs around you!
2. Protect your little head, meanwhile, coil yourself to block the enemy snake’s head. Huge “legacies” are free for grabbing after the enemies died!
3. Small snakes can also counterattack! Accelerate wisely and use some tricks, a bigger snake will be defeated by you!
4. Speed up and make an emergency stop to intercept their heads. The technique is not the only way to win. Strategy matters, too!

Game features
All ages can enjoy. Leisure and easy to get started
A brand new form of the classic gameplay, Snake. It’s easy to play and not hard to understand. Just moving fingers and tapping the screen can enjoy all the fun of it!

Snake Online

Team up to become the strongest Snake king
Not strong enough? Team up with other pros! You can stick together with your team to prevent from being bullied. Even a rookie can top the rank!

Snake Online

Small snakes can strike back. Elite players guide you to kill snakes
You are long and strong. I am small but swift! Take full advantage of agility when you were small. The large snake might bump into your body and explode!

Snake Online

Enormous skins. Dress up snakes whatever you like
Plenty of special skins are free to be claimed. Dress up nicely and play as the most attractive snake among all!

Snake Online
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