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Sniper Wars : LAC

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Sniper Wars : LAC (by Roosh Interactive)

Drop into a world of Sniper multiplayer and enjoy the real time online battle against other players.
– Find your opponent first or risk losing the match
– Slow your breath, steady your aim and climb your way to the top of the leader board.
– This is real, this is pressure, this is Sniper Multiplayer

Play a best of three battle to locate and destroy real online players. Look sharp and shoot fast, as the moment you pull the trigger your location will be compromised.

Sniper Wars : LAC

Play with upto 8 online players, the more number of kills the winner!

Play both PVP & GLORY modes with your buddies! Upto 8 friends online!

Sniper Wars : LAC

Select the best sniper rifle from the armoury. Tailor its scope, barrel, clip and bullets and hone it until it becomes an extension of yourself, a natural born marksman.

Sniper Wars : LAC

Go to battle in the latest protective gear; knee guards, armoured vests and helmets, even skin your rifle to create the best sniper set-up. Switch to your thermal scope and locate the enemy in an instant, giving you vital seconds to aim first.

Take part in missions in dust bowl deserts, tropical islands and gritty urban landscapes. Rise through the ranks from Private to General and be feared in the world, as a master sniper.

Use thermal imaging to distinguish the enemy then slow your breath and concentrate, compensate for the wind, adjust your sight and pull the trigger before you become the victim

Sniper Wars : LAC
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