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Snow Fairy

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

Languages: English

The description of Snow Fairy (by HONG KONG red lantern TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED)

The fictional 3D fairy world in “Snow Fairy”, real-time battle mode, players play the role of immortal cultivators to spontaneously form forces in the competition with the world monsters, resist natural disasters and man-made disasters, monsters ravage the extraterritorial land, borrow the power of heaven and earth to achieve more.

Snow Fairy

As many possibilities as possible, you can go to explore the star map hunting ground, capture star beasts to obtain materials for alchemy, explore the ancient ruins that exist in the void, find the remains of ancient immortals, and open up new ways of cultivation.

Snow Fairy

By completing tasks, exploring plots, defeating bosses, and challenging dungeons Obtain various materials and resources through gameplay, daily activities, etc., to upgrade equipment, obtain spiritual rides, collect fairy pets, transform powerfully, achieve more possibilities, and open up new battlefields

Snow Fairy
Snow Fairy

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