Snowbreak: Containment Zone

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The description of Snowbreak: Containment Zone (by Seasun Games)

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Snowbreak: Containment Zone!
A 3D Sci-Fi RPG-Shooter for PC and Mobile.

The Titans’ appearance was quick but devastating, causing extreme damage to the city. Most notable is the unnatural snow which followed, and hasn’t stopped since. The anti-Titan armed force, Heimdall Force, will fight against the enemies, investigate the truth, and protect humanity.

Due to the spread of fatal disease among teenagers called “Juvosis” decades ago, the world’s working-age population has been greatly reduced, forcing a rapid development in artificial intelligence and robotics. In 2057, at the world’s top virtual e-sports event “Valkyrie Game”, an unknown humanoid creature “Titan” appeared from nowhere. The civilization that had swerved far from its original path began to speed up towards a future still obscured in fog…

Snowbreak: Containment Zone

In 2060, Heimdall Titans Operations Forces established by Yggdrasil Corporation to fight against the Titans started to go deep into the original accident location “Zone Zero” to recover evidence. As an analyst, you will join the special forces as a member of the front-line team.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone

Throughout this process, the scars of human society after the Titan Advent, as well as the truths that were deliberately hidden behind hatred and tears, will gradually be revealed…

Who can save the abandoned? Is it science, is it gods, or is it…

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