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Song of Cloud City (CN)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Song of Cloud City(云城之歌)

Beyond the cloud, the song of the witch will finally play. Skywalker, hold on to the key of hope, collect and spread the sacred artifacts everywhere, fight with destiny, and save Yunshang City!

“Song of the Clouds” is an MMORPG mobile game with a different world adventure theme. It focuses on creating cooperative battles between humans and pets and a variety of gameplay systems, smooth strikes, delicate screen interaction design, flexible selection of skills, and vast and profound World view, everything is available! Hurry up and join your best friends in this adventure!

[Cooperate with cute pets to help with ultimate evolution]
Multi-attribute cute pet personality development, ultimate evolution to help you reverse the battle, different combinations trigger different fetters. In the battle, you can also use wheel tactics to kite the enemy and cleverly defeat the enemy.


[Unlimited Combo, Smooth Combat Experience]
Excellent strike feeling, fists to the flesh; smooth operability, smooth flow; coupled with the flexible selection and matching of skills, every battle can bring an extremely refreshing fingertip experience.


[Variety of genres, change job as you wish]
Diversified battles, two career paths for each profession, you can reset skill points at will, customize and add points to play a copy. Who said that pastors can only be humble milkers, output or assistance is up to me!


[Warm-hearted company, adventure never lonely]
Feel the real warmth in a different world, challenge the world BOSS with your guild partners, sign a marriage contract with your favorite CP, and mingle with the NPCs in the main city villages. The loving MMO is so unpretentious and warm.


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