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Soul Crush: Kongfu World (Now on ios)

Official Launch(Global)+Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Soul Crush (by Rainbow Horse)

Just die or change your Fate! The most popular cultivation ACT Mobile MMORPG is setting off a cultivation boom in Asia: flying swords, mythical mounts, and peerless beauties. Come to take them all here!

[Gorgeous 3D View and Graphics]
Enjoy the free air combat, full 3D view, and extensive game map! Compose your own Legend on this land!
[Challenge powerful enemies and break your limit]
Unlimited Boss instances and Faction defensive battles, fight against various Bosses and break your limit!
[Lovely partner with full personality]
Each partner has its own unique skills! Lead them to upgrade together and fill the battle with your own style!
[Wield the Growth Weapon to deal Unbelievable Damage!]
Upgrade your weapon and use it to dominate the fantastic world!
[Massive Multiplayer Online PVP Battle]
Fight against other players with your like-minded partners! Let them know who are the Lord of War!
[Fantastic Appearances and Cool Mounts]
Custom your own appearance and ride cool mounts to show your personality and power!
[Unique Worldview and Fascinating Story]
Experience the joy of cultivation in a new world and become a real celestial being here!

Soul Crush: Kongfu World
Soul Crush: Kongfu World
Soul Crush: Kongfu World
Soul Crush: Kongfu World (Now on ios)
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