Soul of Genesis


Official Launch(TW) + APK

💡Platform – Android

The description of 創世戰魂 (by Gacraze Entertainment Limited)

Full version of insane system damage! Smash the screen and feel the bang!
Unlimited genre distribution points! Interrupt your professional routine and restore the development of terminal games!
Super Buddha’s conscience exploded! Comprehensive system coverage, the heaviest rewards!

[Bounce to the screen, very fresh]
A large assortment! There are no general attacks and all end-uses here, great skills to blow up the screen!
Great damage! Ten thousand people are joining a team battle, fighting for the first guild!
Combo of anger! The combo is over the top and the combo is infinitely cool!


[Ignore professional boundaries, freely distribute points]
Break the profession! Mage Tan Warriors make up, the whim is fully realized!
Unlimited distribution points! Hawk style, lion style, cat style, multi-professional free distribution!
Exceptional value! Soul card development system, secret and hidden skills!


[Reward protection mechanism, full payment]
Redeem Points! SSR gear depends on fighting, the path to prosperity without lessons!
Offline earnings! Boosting artificial intelligence, you can make a lot of money when you go to work and hang up!


[Back to final balance, god of free lessons]
Zero synthesis lesson! Devilish materials drop endlessly, become the winner of life!
Black market trading! Dark department of anonymous, plunge into the greedy humanity of the Middle Ages!
Good without a fight! Exclusive guild master, there is something to play outside the battle!

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