Soul of Phantasm (CN)

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The description of 幻靈之歌 Soul of Phantasm

“Explaining the worldview” confuses the wizarding world
Players embody a “spirit” that empowers a ghost, and a “ghost” that uses magic and superior combat skills to work together to reverse adversity and defend a chaotic fantasy world!

Connects with phantom girls
In the game, over 40 ghost girls and players will guard the chaos world side by side, and they will understand them better on this adventure, deepening their trust step by step as your bond with her grows, May lead to more powerful power!

Soul of Phantasm
Soul of Phantasm
Soul of Phantasm
Soul of Phantasm

Japanese voice acting for cross-border cooperation
Each phantom girl invites Japanese voice actors to dub, and the “ultimate girl” who collaborates will also be showing a Japanese version of the voice for the first time! Show all kinds of girls with sounds and enjoy hearing healing!

幻靈之歌 Soul of Phantasm

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