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Soul Reverse Zero (Kr)

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Fantasy world graniadia
An amazing journey that begins in Marcourt!

The story of you and the witch Luce with the power of a knight,
『Soul Reversal Zero』 finally begins.

[game introduction]
Authentic JRPG Soul bus to enjoy on your smartphone!
-The emotion that struck the heart, returned to the smartphone!
-A masterpiece RPG with vast content that never stops!
-Did you miss the classic JRPG? Then Soulverse!

Soul Reverse Zero

Your own biography with spirits!
-Heroes are reborn as spirits in your hands!
-Various and unique stories told by spirits.
-Check out in-depth stories that capture your heart!

Soul Reverse Zero

Soulverse’s unique illustration and 3D modeling!
-Create an attractive illustration in 3D as it is!
-Power of powerful spirits! Soul Arts’ gorgeous production !!
-What spirits and adventures do you want to share?

Soul Reverse Zero

Dynamic battle of spirits in 3D!
-A powerful battle unfolding with a simple operation!
-Lead spirits with your own combinations and strategies!
-Lead the battle of realistic spirits!

Soul Reverse Zero

Capturing your heart with a variety of content!
-Create your own holy land and enjoy special effects!
-A date with a lady Luce? Get her crush!
-Various fun things like raid, PVP, guild, and more!

Cooperative multiplayer with other players!
-You are not alone on Soulverse. Real-time cooperative play!
-Meet your colleagues in the guild!
-Defeat powerful enemies with cooperative play with your colleagues!

Soul Reverse Zero
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