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Soul Saver – NFT

Early access – Open Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Soul Saver (by SOULSAVER Ltd.)

Blockchain Oriental Fantasy, “Soul Saver : Idle Savers”

A game using Korea’s blockbuster IP!
Reproduce the sensibility of the original Korean blockbuster game!
The story of heroes who appeared in a chaotic world unfolds in your hands!

Soul Saver - NFT

Idle side-scrolling martial arts P&E game
Goods and experience that are naturally accumulated regardless of online or offline!
Feel the fun of character growth in Soul Saver!

Soul Saver - NFT

NFT economic system
Acquire Red Diamonds, characters, and weapons with ‘Soul’ tokens!
Various characters are very helpful in mining, and weapons are very helpful in breaking through stages.

Soul Saver - NFT

Various and unique skins
Customize retro graphic heroes with unique skins.

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Exciting strategic turn-based game
Strategically organize over 100 martial arts.
Your strategy will determine whether you win or lose.

Various contents of endless fun
Experience a lot of content, such as huge and powerful boss battles and endlessly growing turn over a new leaf.

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