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Soul Spira: Free Version

Early Access+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Soul Spira (by VanTrails)

Soul Spira is a 2D Action RPG with freedom of movement and battles where players will fight against hordes of monsters featuring nice anime style artworks. Immerse yourself in the engaging single-player offline story campaign, upgrade your equipment, and tame special monsters called Spirit Kins to accompany your adventure!

The story focuses on the main character, Vel Crestal, and her life as a knight in a fantasy setting world. Vel’s story revolves around finding and saving a person dear to her, someone who she seems to have lost in the past. Only with the strength of her will can she reach her journey’s end.

Soul Spira: Free Version

Exciting Battle Gameplay
+ Intense, strategic, and fun Hack and Slash action battle gameplay.
+ Choose your strategy to clear exploration missions.
+ Finish monsters with your Ultimate Skill.
+ Break obstacles to pave your way.
+ Collect item loots to finish quests or upgrade your status.
+ Strategize your movement and attacks in exciting and intense Boss Battles.

Soul Spira: Free Version

Befriend Spirit Kins (Familiar / Pet System)
+ Tame special monsters, called Spirit Kins, with your brush.
+ Go on your adventure accompanied by different Spirit Kins as your familiar / pet.
+ Every Spirit Kin has different skills to help you in your adventure.

Soul Spira: Free Version

Build Your Character Status
+ Collect and Equip different types of Rune to increase your character status.
+ Combining different types of Rune can give various bonuses, such as : status boost, status effect resists, and much more! You can even inflict debuff or status effects from these bonuses.
+ Every Rune has different levels (from Common, to Epic, and even Legendary) to boost your character status even higher!

Soul Spira: Free Version

Upgrade Your Equipment and Spirit Kins
+ Make sure to upgrade your equipment when you have the chance. Prepare for the battle against stronger monsters!
+ Collect materials from exploration loots or quests, and upgrade your equipment.
+ Fuse the same type of Spirit Kins to become stronger.

Soul Spira: Free Version

Gorgeous Anime Style Art
+ Exciting epic action RPG with beautiful anime style art.
+ Beautiful 2D animated scene (CG) in selected cutscenes.
+ Lovely background and character design in anime style.
+ Storytelling with nice Visual Novel style dialogues.

Experience a classic single-player Action RPG with a refreshing fantasy storyline. Follow our main character, Vel, and her journey as a knight! Soul Spira: Rise of the Scarlet Knight can be played offline without internet connection.

Soul Spira’s development is nearing its completion, but we need time to adjust the game’s contents. The current release will feature up to the half of Chapter 2 of the game and we will update the content as soon as the next content are ready.

The price is an early access price. We may or may not update the price after the official launch. You don’t have to buy it again after the launch. Grab it now to get the early access price!

Soul Spira: Free Version

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