Soul Tide(JP)

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of ソウルタイド (by Ujoy Games)

The soul (I) will never let go of it here.

An RPG that uses a labyrinth search system for the first time in history as a smartphone game and confronts the labyrinth with a sleeping doll.

[New beautiful girl RPG / Soultide world view]
A labyrinth “boundary” with inexhaustible magical power has appeared on the crescent continent.
The cult succeeds in summoning the soul as a “sleeping doll” in order to make it a boundary force.
You lead a number of “sleeping puppeteers” as “puppeteers”,
You will be exploring the labyrinth.

Game introduction
Labyrinth search system & mystery solving that you have never seen
A search system full of mystery solving, consisting of dungeons with endless choices and more than 100 elements.
Enjoy the pleasure of solving puzzles built in the labyrinth!


There is also a character song! Cultivate “sleeping dolls” and connect with deep bonds
Equipped with a rim rail system that can be greatly strengthened by increasing the synchronization rate with sleeping dolls (characters). Form a deep bond and become stronger together.
In addition to beautiful illustrations for each character, you can also enjoy character songs!


Labyrinth battle with rich tactics
The battle is a command battle specification with high tactics! The skills of each doll (character) can be freely exchanged, so even with the same character, the strategy is up to you!
It also has an auto mode that automatically fights, so even those who are not good at games can play it.


Experience-filled production and a story spun with 1 million characters
A story spun with an overwhelming amount of sentences of over 1 million characters.
Let’s become a resident of this world by enjoying lively moving characters with Live2D, changing day and night weather, and talking with residents.


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