Souls of Heroes


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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Souls of Heroes (Cyber Idol Cat)

The imperial battle tournament is being held in great fanfare. However, deep within the imperial palace, a great darkness is looming. Among the champions, heroes will rise, defeat the darkness, and preserve the peace of the five realms under heaven.

As for now….
just pick up your weapons, dodge your opponents’ attacks, and defeat other contestants in Souls of Heroes: Single Player Arena!

Souls of Heroes
Souls of Heroes
Souls of Heroes
Souls of Heroes

Single player gameplay, no noob teammates ruining your game.
Unique heroes with unique sets of abilities: play as a ninja, a cultivator, and even a palace consort!
Interaction and buffs between heroes.
Various weapons and equipments you can use.
Fast-paced intense battles.
Challenging bosses.
Anime-style historical Chinese and East Asia inspired fantasy settings.

Souls of Heroes

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