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SoulWorker Academia (Kr)

Official Launch +Apk(TAP)

💡Platform – Android | ios(kr)

The description of SoulWorker Academia (by YJM Games)

Soul Walker is reborn as an academic MMORPG!

Dormitory life, club activities, cafe part-time jobs, extravagant hot spring facilities,

Exciting water gun game, samgyeopsal barbecue party, even the library!

Academic street content full of fun!

Extreme battle action with a different dimension!

SoulWorker Academia

Combos and dodges are basic,

The moment of battle that is upgraded one step further, Soul Awakening!

Until the soul time to stop everything when it needs to be reversed!

Feel the overwhelming power that pops up whenever you grow up

More solid battle content!

SoulWorker Academia

Various Mazes, 1:1 Individual Leagues, and 3:3 PVP Team Matches!

Complete Academia’s unique battle with splendid action!

Various interactions with characters!

SoulWorker Academia

Combat skills that increase as you become intimate with your character through soul resonance!

Academia where you can enjoy cafe dates, park walks, and shopping together!

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