Space Hunter 3

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

Officially be launched on June 29th.

The description of Space Hunter 3 (by Bilibili Games)

Space Hunter 3 is a project on the android system about space battles. You are on your own space ship guarding your own Alpha base from terrible pirates. Eliminate enemy fighters, eliminate them with missiles and don’t let them eliminate the base. Benefits – 3D graphics with a first-person view. Protecting the territory twenty amazing tasks. Work galaxy s and galaxy s2.

Space Hunter is a fast-paced arcade shooter in the style of classic arcades of the past. According to the plot of the game, the alien armada was able to overcome the Force Shield covering the Earth. Now the fate of people depends on you. Take control of one of the Infinity Squadron’s spaceships and strike back at your enemies. On your way there will be a whole swarm of fighters and huge bosses. Can you overcome them to get to the mother ship of the invaders and complete your secret mission?

Space Hunter 3

Space simulators are back and back on smartphone!

Protect the Alpha space base from the pirate hordes! Win dogfights with enemy fighters, shoot down Nuke missiles and defeat battlecruisers!

Space Hunter is a 3D first person shooter game with 20 unique combat missions.

Space Hunter 3

Space Hunter is an exciting new generation arcade game made in a classic style. Here you will shoot enemy spaceships using a huge selection of weapons. Alien invaders once again threaten the well-being of the universe, and this threat must be dealt with. Take part in epic space battles, get rewards and upgrade your ship and weapons. All the hopes of mankind rest on you.

Space Hunter 3

Game Features:

bright graphics;

classical management;

chic special effects;

automatic shots;

a large number of different levels.

Space Hunter 3

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