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Space Leaper: Reboot (Space Leaper: Cocoon)

Soft Launch – Canada + APK – version by NATASKY

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Space Leaper: Cocoon (version by NATASKY GAMES LIMITED)

“System rebooting… Functions restored.
Requesting Leap system user privilege access… Access granted.
My name is J-001, captain of the annihilation mission. Welcome to Space Leaper: Cocoon.”

Fur-midable Rogue-like Gameplay!
Go on randomly generated adventures and discover the secrets hidden in the depths of the universe. But remember, you have to share them with me-ow! Complete the corresponding talent tree each season to claw your way up the rankings and unlock more ways to explore, then maybe you’ll be on my level. Just maybe.

Space Leaper: Cocoon

Paw-Some Pixelated Retro Graphics!
Enter a pixel purr-fect 2D-world and meet the cutest characters, like me! Experience the beauty of reduction as our 3D-World transform through a Leap in Space, don’t be scared, I’ve done this journey many times nya-ow!

Space Leaper: Cocoon

Pretties, Cutties Everywhere!
Beauties from all claw-ners of the galaxy! I’m not kitten around, paw-sitively the cutest. What are you waiting fur? But remember, when get here you have to take meow-t first!

Space Leaper: Cocoon

Cross-Platform E-mew-lator!
Paw-thentic mobile experience for the experienced leaper, when you always need to have your pretties within reach, I know how you feel! The mobile experience available on every screen, experience the furr-miliar gameplay regardless of what device you have!

Official Facebook Fan Group:

Space Leaper: Cocoon

Official Facebook Fan Group:

Space Leaper: Cocoon
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