Space Mavericks

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The description of Space Mavericks (by FireGecko Studio)

Get a spaceship, travel through galaxies and fight battles for your freedom!

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Still under development, Space Mavericks is a multiplayer artillery action game that is recreating the classic artillery style of aiming and shooting by adjusting the angle and power. However, the game is adding a few unique features to the genre:

– Unlike most artillery games, Space Mavericks is played in Real-Time;
– The game is set in space, and shots are affected by planets’ gravity forces as they travel to reach the target;
– Projectiles cause damage and can destroy planets and stars;
– A variety of commanders and spaceships that have different kinds of attributes, shots, and special moves;
– A diversity of multiplayer modes prepared with ranking systems for the competitive scenario;
– An adventure mode with a rich story and giant bosses;
– Fast, fun, and addictive.

Space Mavericks

Aim and Move
As with any classic artillery game, you can aim, shoot and move by adjusting the weapon’s angle and power. Be aware that gravity forces will interfere with your movement and shots!

Trajectory Projection
To help you deal with gravity interference, have the spaceship AI simulate the shot’s trajectory. An excellent strategy to check where you’re aiming to and avoid generating heat for nothing.

Space Mavericks

Heat dissipation is one of the most significant challenges in space, and that’s no different in Space Mavericks. Moving, defending and shooting will generate heat, so use it wisely.

Special Shots
Every Commander has their own unique shots, skills and special powers. Learn their abilities and specials to dominate battles against your enemies.

Space Mavericks

Choose a Commander that suits your Maverick style on battles. Each of them have unique powers and spaceship abilities. Level them up for unique skins!

We’re creating new Commanders in a regular basis, together with new abilities, spaceships and powers to give to them. What kind of power do you seek? Share your opinion with us.

Check out the Commanders we have so far:

– Prophet DX7: A versatile commander that can shoot multiple projectiles at once;
– Goliath: A natural leader that can take a lot of damage to conquer his enemies;
– Salomea: Damage over time and great Heat control;
– Locus: A solo sniper with serious damage and teleport powers;
– Zurr: Combines her unique ability to avoid gravity on the shots or to create massive explosions.

Space Mavericks

The Universe is so vast, filled with infinite alien species and mysterious technology. Each Commander has their unique spaceship with different attributes, abilities and ultimate powers.

Fight with style! Besides unique powers, you can unlock new fabulous spaceship skins.

Space Mavericks

You can use your skills to face off other Mavericks from all over the Universe! You’ll be able to create battlegrounds for up to 8 players and customize them with different settings.

Free-for-all Matches, for those who are lone wolves and fight for themselves.
Team Matches, for those who enjoy some team spirit and more elaborate tactics.

You’ll be able to enjoy a friendly match to hone your skills against other players. Think you’re a true Maverick? Join the ranked battles and see how far you can blast your way up the leaderboard.

You’ll be competing for rewards, experience and resources. Victory will only come for those who use Commanders wisely!

Space Mavericks

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