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Space Raiders 2: Star Kings

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Space Raiders 2: Star Kings (by GEEK GAMES)

The brave astronaut Cap miraculously managed to save humanity (in the game “Space Raiders RPG”). However, it is not the end of a story.
The old world has split, new factions have arisen on its place and new heroes have appeared. Our Cap became one of them.
He stole the facility for the production of clones and founded his own colony somewhere in the outskirts of a Galaxy far, far away.
But if Cap was so dangerous even as a single copy, can you imagine what an entire army of his clones could do?

Space Raiders 2: Star Kings
Space Raiders 2: Star Kings

The goal is simple: kill all enemies, steal everything of value and, just in case, enslave the world. Of course, for the sake of universal happiness and prosperity!

Lead this tough male community in “Space Raiders 2: Star Kings”. Perhaps with your help a little colony can become an interstellar Empire?

Space Raiders 2: Star Kings
Space Raiders 2: Star Kings

Now your possessions are not limited to one starship – build bunkers, barracks, workshops and other buildings.
Strengthen the colony on your home planet, explore and master the star system.
Make pirate raids on alien planets: demand tribute, punish the rebellions.
Upgrade combat suits in three branches: tank, mech, copter.
Kill (and then recycle the remains) hundreds of enemies (both humanoids and filthy monsters).

Space Raiders 2: Star Kings
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