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💡Platform – Android

The description of Spellchemy (by CritCo)

SPELLCHEMY is a pun-filled roguelite where you get to mix magic to create powerful spells! Want piercing shots? Throw in some Ice. Ricochets more your deal? Wind’s where it’s at.


As you ascend, rescue and recruit friends who will set up shop back at camp. Use your hard-earned coins to purchase services such as lootboxes, passive buffs or a simple, hearty meal.


But be wary! Powerful Bosses abound! Sturdier and more wily than normal monsters, you must learn their patterns, devise a strategy and defeat them to claim precious loot, rescue friends and clear passage to the next floor.


Fight your way to the top, reclaim the family Tower, rescue your friends and discover the dark, sinister force at the heart of it all!

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