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Sqube Darkness 2

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Sqube Darkness 2 (by RH POSITIVE)

Run, jump, and hide in this action-packed platformer! And.. More!

Sqube Darkness 2 is the sequel to Sqube Darkness. This time, not only will you run in the dark, but you’ll also conquer various levels and parkours. Take on the role of a heroic cube, navigating challenging geometry puzzles and block jumps. Jump freely and run towards freedom in a world of black and white geometric shapes.

Sqube Darkness 2

* Two Game Modes: Enjoy endless running as well as parkour-based courses.
* New Obstacles and Enemies: Face more challenges and enemies than ever before.
* Customizable Atmosphere: Choose between the classic black and white or colorful options to suit your style.
* Rich Gameplay Mechanics: Flexible gameplay with buttons or swipe controls.
* Challenging Yet Rewarding: Overcome tough challenges and earn abundant rewards.
* Safe and Fun: A game you can safely enjoy with your children.
* Upgradable Character: Earn stat points in each temple run to improve your character, buy power-ups for faster and stronger runs.
* Completely Free: Enjoy the free-to-play experience anytime.
* Offline Play: Play anywhere without the need for an internet connection.
* Frequent Updates: Regular updates bring new game modes and challenges.
Different Ways to Play!
Players can use swipe or on-screen buttons to run and jump. This game is completely free and lets all players feel the thrill of jumping and running as they please. With beautiful geometric shapes and lines, you’ll always enjoy the gameplay!

Sqube Darkness 2

Enhance Your Stats and Skills
Each temple run grants you stat points to improve your cube character. Purchase power-ups to run and jump better and faster. You’ll always find something to upgrade with your cube character.

Sqube Darkness 2
Sqube Darkness 2
Sqube Darkness 2

Change the World!
Set a high score and compare yourself with players around the world. Subway surfers might be good at this game, but you can prove you’re better at running and jumping. Master your cube to reach the top spots!

Sqube Darkness 2

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