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The description of SSAMBAK

Pull~ and fire!!
SSAMBAK is a battle action game where anyone can enjoy a variety of play with easy and simple operation.

Too easy game!
Anyone who knows how to flipping a go-piece game is OK,
1.Win by dropping an opponent Hero
2. Win even if all opponent Hero’s HP is exhausted

Crash with enemies! Crash with allies! Passive skill activate in various situations.
You can play more strategically with automatically triggered attacks and passive skills.


Change stage!
You have to survive in a stage that gradually narrows over time.


Various Hero full of personality
Gather and grow unique heroes of various professions, such as Tankers, Dealers, and Healers.


Gather with friends and play simply and quickly!
[1vs1], [1vs1vs1], [2vs2] Compete with your friends in various modes.
The play time of one game is short and the afterglow is long.


How to enjoy Ssambak.
– Choose 3 Heros.
– Select the battle event you want.
– When the matching is over, it’s time to start.
– Pull and release the desired Hero in the desired direction.
– If necessary, crash our Hero and use passive skills.
– If the map is getting smaller, you should avoid that spot.
– If you have defeated all enemies, various rewards will be waiting for you.
– Reinforce your Hero as a reward or get a new Hero.

– Some data in progress may be lost when the device is replaced or the game is deleted.
Be sure to close the game normally.

Request permission
-Smartphone app access permission guide
When using the app, we are requesting access to provide the following services.

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