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Star Brawl 2

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The description of Star Brawl 2

Star Brawl 2 is a light strategy game.

The game is based on space war, which has a fun and challenging atmosphere with the first ever warring piles of soldiers.
The “Pile-up Combat” is the core of the gameplay. Of course, in order to crush the opponent to victory, in addition to the advantage of the number of battleships, cooperation and restraint between battleships is also crucial.

Star Brawl 2

Game Features:

1. Free-matching space battleships, your super battleships with small spaceships to take over the bug lair.

2. Freely assembled artillery system, dazzling weapons and gear to make the player feel great.

3. Rich gear system, up to 2000 kinds of weapons gear, collection control can not stop.
4. Rich levels with fun plot, 180 levels in total, push the level to burst.

5. Includes PVP mode, players are free to duel in cruising battles.
6. Includes PVE mode, endless mode in which players challenge the limits.

Star Brawl 2
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