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Stardust League


💡 Platform – Android | Steam

The description of Stardust League (by Stardust League)

Enter an immersive 3D JRPG / ARPG world teeming with lore and beauty. Clash swords against other players in epic PVP duels and climb the leaderboard as champion of Laniakea. Or travel through beautiful and magical biomes completing quests to unravel the secrets of the 100 dimensions that lie before you. Want a challenge? Fight your way up the Challenger’s Tower and become the pinnacle of all Explorers. There is something for everyone!

“The Universe of Laniakea (The Immense Heaven) is a living, breathing entity. In each reality of Laniakea resides one of its hundred hearts. As all Universes get born, they grow old and die too, along with all of its inhabitants. It is the natural cycle, something I am afraid I cannot interfere in. The Spirit Invaders you see invading each realm are like a virus, creeping into its blood stream. They will attempt to take the hearts one by one, just like they have done so for eons. If they are not purged, it will be the end of time for all of us.“

Stardust League

Take control of 1 of 12 unique characters and battle it out in curated and strategically designed arenas. Fight it out in 1v1 mode or join a team and embark on a road to mayhem! Combine your spells and attack skills to create fast-paced insane combos, driven by real life physics based concepts. Better get your fine motor skills ready for some fast twitch action! Every move counts!

Stardust League

Set in a fictional sci-fi fantasy themed world, Stardust League takes you on a journey across dimensions, with a uniquely smooth gameplay experience. Switch between uniquely powerful characters and uncover the secrets of the Spirit Invaders !

Stardust League

The Challenger’s Tower stands tall above the City of Lyra. Conquer it and prove your worth as an Explorer of Humanity. Clear progressively harder levels by upgrading your characters. Learn new attack skills and unleash strategic elemental combos to reach the top!

Stardust League

From PVP to MMORPG, Stardust League provides a uniquely refreshing experience for players regardless of interests. Play the game the way you want, and be free from all limitations!

Explore vast 3D biomes in the Stardust Dimension, and charter new lands as you light up the fire of Laniakea in each realm to restore order to chaos. Take on the creatures of the realms corrupted by the chaotic energy of the Spirit Invaders and seek out the truth behind the Birth of Laniakea… Collect rewards with each mission you embark on and spend them on new weapons, items and even characters. Tired from your adventures? Take a break and interact with other players in the lobby town of RIFT, a steampunk themed town complex filled with shops, food establishments and even a functioning library! Or visit the beautiful Grand Marble City of Lyra and watch the fascinating history of the Knights unfold before your eyes.

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