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Starfleet Battle

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The description of Starfleet Battle

Starfleet Battle – Moe Army Action-Puzzle Mobile Game. A strong fleet of Moe girls with cuteness Complete the diamond arrangement strategy Upgrade weapons, increase the attack power of the warship.

With spectacular visual and sound effects That will take you on a mission to explore space To protect the army from “Nameless group” because our goal is “Being a leader in the army” this mission must be accomplished. We are ready, Captain !!

Starfleet Battle

Game Highlights:

Excellent action and puzzle game Combine weapon upgrading strategies, increase the attack power of warships. Arrange combos to attack enemies with the great skills of a strong captain and a young Moe fleet.

Join forces with the MoE Army With the ultimate power of hundreds of gods! Full love
Magnificent audio and visual effects Speed, fast gameplay Increase the convenience with the Auto system that helps you develop your character even when away from the screen.
Comes with cute young characters and famous voice actors from Japan such as

Starfleet Battle

Marina Yamada, former girl from HKT48

Girls from Run Girls, Run! Like Nanami Atsugi and Yuka Morishima.

Hanazawa Kana, voice of Fate / Prototype Ayaka Sajyou
Taketatsu Ayana, the voice of Kirigaya Suguha / leafa from Sword Art Online II

Starfleet Battle

Tokui Sora who voices Kunou from High School DxD Hero and Kisaki from Alice or Alice.
Sumire Uesaka, the voice of Kyrie Canaan in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Horie Yui, the voice of Princess Myra from Lupine the 3rd vs Detective Conan
Explosive battles in exciting arena Battle for leadership on the battlefield to become a professional player. Add special skills in battle to aim for the top server.
Full game event updates Ready to provide fun and excitement for all players

Starfleet Battle
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