Starlight Academia


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The description of Starlight Academia

Where are you from?
73% of the chemical elements that make up the human body come from the explosion of a big star, 16.5% from the demise of a small star, 9.5% from the fusion of a big explosion, and 1% from the explosion of a white dwarf star.
You are star child.

Starlight Academia

Here, academia is built for the kids of star——
Girls with the power of constellation gather here, they learn, practice, compete, and wear swimsuits…..

All for a purposely hidden prophecy——
“When the stars’ alignment sets correctly and R’lyeh floats up the sea, the god of the old days will come to the world. Stars will fall and the river of time will flow to the end.”
But you, as the supreme who will guide the girls to victory, come to the world.
Today is the last day you live as a simple person.

Starlight Academia

Idle battle, get stronger easily:
Fight with many adorable girls, achieve progress everyday. No matter if you are online or offline, the idle battle can make you stronger.

Starlight Academia

Travel to the academia, go for a magic journey:
The academia belongs to the stars child. Constellation power emerges, and the prophecy is hidden.

Build a tactical squad to fight the BOSS:
Your girls are adorable and powerful. Build your favorite squads to face infinite challenges!

More upgrades, more surprises:
Easily collect and upgrade girls. Unlock interesting gameplays and advance in the game.

Loving home, get surrounded by beautiful girls:
Interact with adorable girls! Tap screen and spend happy time in the sweet room of an exotic world.

Starlight Academia

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