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Stone Age Online

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The description of Stone Age Online

Stone Age Online is a 2D idle RPG game. Players will become brave warriors to explore the whole wild continent. Recruit a variety of powerful cute pets and companions, free to fight and explore in the entire continent.

Stone Age Online

Stone Age Online has a huge and interesting pet system. Over 100+ kinds of pets provide a great variety of gameplay for you to enjoy the magnificent fantasy of this wild world. Meanwhile, these amazing pets can be captured by challenging the boss in the world map. As the adventure progresses, pets that captured can become more and more powerful. Go on a wild world adventure for the amazing pets!

Stone Age Online

The journey of adventure will not be lonely in Stone Age. A variety of powerful companions can be collected on the journey. Vigorous jungle hunter, blood-and-iron warrior, master of mystical powers, even mighty Gods who grasp the true meaning of elements. All of these partners will help you to explore in the Stone Age. At the same time, each partner has different skills, which can add more fun and strategy to the battle process. Strategize your way to victory in the Real-time Arena

Stone Age Online

Main Features:
2D Idle Battle Gameplay
-Auto battle while offline
-Gathering resources while offline

Enjoy the adventures in Combat Mode
-Enhance yourself and enjoy the adventure with legendary pets
-Auto search items and grab resources

A lot of Items to collect, forge and refine
-Enjoy collecting special items inside each stage
-Forge and refine Gears to enhance yourself

Search, Capture, and Train Your Pets
– Collect the Pets that you want in the world map
– Capture Pets during battle and tame them.

 My Kind of Pet
– Level up stronger and faster with the Pets system
– To customize and strengthen your Pets!

Mechanical Dinosaur Tyranno
-Meet various kinds of dinosaurs and aliens
-Band together to challenge the Tyranno Boss!

Strategize your way to victory in competitive Arena
– Use various tactics to crush your opponents!
– Crusade to tame mighty beasts with your companions

Stone Age Online
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