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The description of Stonelied (by Hronicong)

The game world of Aringar, in which our hero has to go through the adventure, is inhabited by various creatures, both friendly and aggressive. When killed from such creatures, in addition to various items for tasks, as well as elixirs with various healing and enhancing properties, stones of various types and rarities drop out. In fact, these are the skills of our character, imprisoned in these very stones. Yes, as strange as it may sound, creatures drop … skills. It is not known in advance what skill we got, but the rarer the stone, the steeper the received ability will be!

Screenshot Stonelied

-Choose between two specializations: warrior or mage, which can be changed. Think over in what situations it is better to fight in close combat, and where it is more profitable to use magic weapons.
-Make your character special by changing your appearance: different hairstyles and many hair colors are available for every taste.
-Get many different skills by activating the mined magic stones of various quality and rarity and collect your winning combination of skills!
-Discover and explore new territories inhabited by various creatures, ranging from simple and fabulous animals to bloodthirsty monsters that the devil himself has never heard of.
-Participate in the battle with bosses as you progress through the story, and in a special tournament among other players from all over the world, show others how strong your ingenuity, reaction and ingenuity are!

Available languages:
English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

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