Storm Tower

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Storm Tower – Idle Pixel TD (by PixelShade668)

Welcome to Storm Land, a magical world full of unknowns, challenges and dangers.

In ancient times, many defensive towers stood on the mainland. These towers have extraordinary abilities, and they can resist the invasion and harassment of all kinds of monster. But the darkness is getting closer and closer, and many more powerful monsters are approaching, which will bring endless disasters and panic.

So! It’s time! Brave people, we need more people’s strength to protect this continent. Whether you are knights, magicians or ordinary people, please join forces to defend the tower of the storm and make the world peaceful forever.

2022 new pixel tower defense game, easy and fun, simple and easy to use. Use gorgeous shooting to defeat the enemy!

– Ability
Double-shot, multiple-shot, etc. can unlock a variety of abilities and attributes, making the game more strategic.

Storm Tower - Idle Pixel TD

– Monster
A variety of monsters and BOSS bring you different challenges.

Storm Tower - Idle Pixel TD

– Level
Have lots of levels and maps to explore the unknown world.

Storm Tower - Idle Pixel TD

– Reward
Gold coins, diamonds, stars, and extra rewards are given free of charge.

– Collection
Become a collector and collect all kinds of items, medals, monsters and so on in the world

Storm Tower - Idle Pixel TD

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