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Street Fight

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Street Fight (by Rendered Ideas)

Evil forces have infiltrated the streets. It is up to you to clean up the streets and get rid of all the bad guys in order to become the ultimate street defender.

In this action fighting game, you must use powerful fist punches, kicks, and deadly weapons to defeat all of your opponents. Fight your enemies with incredible action.

Street Fight

Fight and shoot the Ultimate Boss and use special attacks to destroy enemy Drones and take back control of your streets !

Explore hidden areas to find treasure. Use the coins to improve your Warrior’s fighting abilities and make him more powerful.

Street Fight

With easy to learn controls, master new stunts and fighting techniques.

If you enjoy street fighting games, this is the game for you.

Street Fight

It is your responsibility as the game’s hero to defeat all enemies and keep the streets safe for everyone.

But whatever you do, do not jump into the water!!

-Two modes – Story and Survival
-Incredible 2D graphics
-Multiple fighting styles
-Powerful enemies to fight with
-Collect exciting weapons
-Different environments for different fighting styles
-Amazing sound effects

Street Fight
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