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Streetball Allstar – Global Launch

Official Launch(IOS) + Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Streetball Allstar (by racoonDigi)

Enter the court! You can now enjoy the thrill of streetball on your mobile at any time! Call up your buddies, team up, and challenge other players around the world in real-time 3 versus 3 matches. 3-minute match, quick and exciting!

3-Minute Match
Slug it out in 3 minutes, anywhere, anytime. It’s short, yet skill-required. Play it for fun or take it for real, it’s all your choice.

Streetball Allstar: 3V3 eSports

Multiple Players
You can collect multiple players of different positions: Center, Power Forward, Small Forward, Point Guard, Shooting Guard. Find the players that suit you, hone your skills to outperform other players, and win MVP!

Streetball Allstar: 3V3 eSports

Ream-Time Match
How long has it been since the last time you played basketball with your friends? Invite them to join you in Streetball Allstar to team up and enjoy the fun of playing together!

Streetball Allstar: 3V3 eSports

Worldwide Community
Play with millions of players worldwide!
Challenge professional players from all over the world and make a name! Be an admired superstar on the global leaderboard!

Streetball Allstar: 3V3 eSports

Professional Skills
Although the game is based on 3v3, we have designed professional skills such as: box out, flick, follow-up shot, hook shot, fadeaway 3-pointer, bounce pass, pick-and-roll. Each player has their own unique and exclusive skills. Use them wisely to become the coolest star!

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Streetball Allstar: 3V3 eSports
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