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Sultan – Clash of Warlords

Official Launch + Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Sultan (by AirClick)

Build a civilized empire and join hands with global allies to become the strongest Sudan!

Join forces with players from all over the world to join this multiplayer strategy hegemony game and build your own empire on the Mediterranean coast and the vast desert!

You will become the chosen lord and lead the people through trials and become the next sultan.
To consolidate your throne, you must be kind and wealthy. Not only need to build homes and consolidate city defenses to reassure the people, but also open up territories, fight the enemy, and seek a position in the multiplayer arena.
Only you, who are both wise and brave, can safely deal with this troubled world and remove all obstacles on the road to dominance!

Sultan - Clash of Warlords

Realistic battle look
Lead the brave soldiers to fight in blood, no matter if they face ancient monsters or the army of other lords, they will never give in!
In the excitement of the snare drum, the victory was finally held in his own hands.
Through technology, logistics and equipment, we will continue to grow our army, and a unified world map is just around the corner!

Sultan - Clash of Warlords

Rich strategy application
Weapon combat is not the only way to win. Your wise brain is bound to open up new roads!
Gather your allies to fight together and support each other, and you can stay invincible for a long time!
Always pay attention to the trend of the enemy’s camp, the so-called knowing oneself, knowing the enemy, never end in battle!

Sultan - Clash of Warlords

Faithful alliance comrades
Invite your old friends to join and play your epic war drama together!
With the new friends you make here, your friendship will also leap to reality.
Your victories time and time again will become precious memories of the alliance and will inspire everyone!

Sultan - Clash of Warlords
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