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Summer of Memories

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The description of Summer of Memories

This game is an easy-to-use game in which the story goes on simply by leaving the boy with his belongings.
You can relax and experience summer vacation, set in that nostalgic era.

A boy who came to his grandma’s house in the Seto Inland Sea,
Various events and dramas await you.
Insect collection, photography, episodes with people I met, delicious rice, etc.
Let’s collect memories of one summer!

Summer of Memories
Summer of Memories

As the game progresses, a heart-warming interaction with the various people on the island is depicted.
To the boy of “moyashishi” coming from the city,
What memories will you leave during the summer vacation on the island?

Summer of Memories

Of course, you can enjoy it to the end for free!


Everything I saw was beautiful.
Everything I touch was shining.

This is a story of a summer’s memories.

It’s modest,
I will never forget.

Memories of that hot summer day.
Those days were treasures.

Summer of Memories

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