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Summon & Duel

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Summon & Duel (by Milleink)

Welcome to the magical battlefields of Summon & Duel! Are you up for a real challenge? Only the bravest and wisest warriors could ever hope to stand victorious in this realm of magic.

Create your deck, learn mysterious spells, gather powerful armies, and achieve victory either by brute force or strategy. Align yourself with one of the seven factions. Join the Empire of Light or Zen Valley, or draw powers from the Winter God or the Roughrock tribes. Pirate Bay, Academy of Mysteria, and the deep Inferno are just as eager for your allegiance. Now cast yourself into this world of strife and seek victory upon the fist of the colossus!

Summon & Duel

Collect heroes of various races with free summons
This world of seven races will offer a deck that best suits your playstyle. Once you recruit a hero, you can simply use AFK charging to summon cards of the hero’s faction for free. That’s right! Card gacha is free, and there is no limit to the amount of AFK loot you can get! You can even charge your energy while you sleep!
Every card can be summoned for free. Create a deck using the cards in your hand. The possibilities and tactics are endless, and there is no end to powerful decks you can come up with!

Summon & Duel

Build unique decks with over 300 cards
There are over 300 cards and hundreds of unique card effects! Among the seven races, the Empire of Light has powerful group buffs, Winter God focuses on crowd control, while the Academy of Mysteria has heroes skilled in magic. More unique races await your command in Summon & Duel! Try them out now!

Summon & Duel

Ultimate PvP showdown
Summon & Duel offers all sorts of PvP modes that let you show off your skills as a card summoner. Hone your battle tactics and optimize your decks to better crush your opponents in the Arena, Trials, and Ladder matches and become the true summoner lord of PvP!

Summon & Duel

3-minute matches anytime, anywhere
Our intense 3-minute matches are designed to let summoner lords battle it out anytime, anywhere! Time is no longer a concern as you fight and beat an endless string of opponents in battle! Victory is yours… and there is always time for another match.

Summon & Duel

Challenge the endless PvE dungeon
Embark on an adventurous campaign of conquest through tons of PvE stages that will reward you generously with every victory! Explore the race-exclusive ancient ruins or delve into endless labyrinths! Face challenging puzzles and find the winning solution against special AI-controlled decks!

Available: Google Play – PH, UK

Summon & Duel

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