Summon Heroes : New Era


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The description Summon Heroes : New Era

Collect powerful heroes, fight together, earn your prizes and meet new friends.

Sit back and relax in a beautiful world with idle features. Enjoy Now!


Outstanding feature

Summon Heroes : New Era

1. Simple combat manipulation
Order the Hero squad, the Hero will automatically fight for you!
Just sitting around shaking his thighs is also great and the Hero is easy to carry!
Even offline, you will get a good reward as usual!

Summon Heroes : New Era

2. Extremely strategic
More than 18 different Faction Heroes and hundreds of personality skills!
Forge and collect rare equipment to increase your combat power! You have to combine equipment with the right tactics, and enjoy everything through a few simple steps!

3. The game has rich content
Setting, Fighting, Underground City, Hero Mission, Collect, Summon!
Lots of unique content waiting for you to experience!

Summon Heroes : New Era
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Summon Heroes : New Era

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