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Summon Quest

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Summon Quest (by BOOT GAMES)

[Simple Operation]
Use the joystick to control the character. Stop to auto-summon and fight in Combat. Be flexible with your pace and find your own attack pattern.

Summon Quest

[Unique Gameplay]
Spin the slot machine reels to gain powerful Skills. Failure can also trigger a lucky flip. There are more enjoyable Skill Release experiences to help you turn the tide.

[Summon Enemies]
The enemies can become your partners as well. Beat a Boss and recruit it onto your Team. Customize your lineup, and let enemies fight against enemies.

Summon Quest

[Interactive Combat]
Mind the surroundings. Trigger the traps with a click and fight heartily

[Numerous Stages]
Enjoy the ever changing Combat, due to a random stage system. You can have different experiences in the same Stage. There are various Challenge Modes where the enemies may apply a diversity of skills, so each fight requires your concentration.

Summon Quest

Summon Quest has inherited the core of Rougelite. All materials can be acquired in the Stage. But here we say no to Permadeath. The Skill Sets are rich but not mind-twisting, which allows you to enjoy fragmented experiences in varied Stages.

[Combat Gameplay]
Defeat a Boss to gain Skill Runes, which can help you fight against various enemies. Trigger the Idols to gain Runes and increase your Combat Power.

Summon Quest

[Class Counter]
Multiple Summonable Classes and Portfolio Strategies are available in SMQ, so come and build your Team however you want.

[Attribute Counter]
Classes of different Attributes have Counter Relations. The Countered class will take more damage. Make good use of the Attribute Counter to win the fight.

Summon Quest
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