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Super Animal Royale Mobile


The description of Super Animal Royale

Super Animal Royale, the super-acclaimed casual chicken game from overseas, is finally here! Fox, rabbit, bear and other more than a hundred cute animals you can choose, a thousand kinds of rich dress up let you pick, to create your own personality of the animals! Along with the other 63 players, you’ll take a giant eagle spaceship into a large zoo with wheat fields, bamboo forests, rivers, swamps, snow, forests, seashores, ice fields and other terrain environments for you to explore, collect equipment, use fun items like hamster balls and banana peels, and fight alongside your friends to become the ultimate critter star!

– Super cute animals
Foxes, ducklings, raccoons. Dozens of super cute critters waiting to be claimed! Each critter can also unlock over a hundred categories through the game!

Super Animal Royale

– Variety of Styles
Clothing, headwear, weapon appearance. Hundreds of accessories waiting for you to unlock, dress up freely and be the prettiest pup in the field!

Super Animal Royale

– Fun props
Do you throw skunk bombs or banana peels when you meet an enemy? Do you eat coconuts or roast a campfire when you lose blood? We’re being chased! Get in the hamster ball!

Super Animal Royale

– Featured Terrain
Come mow the forest, skate at the Penguin Palace and use the rich terrain to be the last of the critter stars!

Super Animal Royale

– Easy to use
The unique 2D God perspective, quick and easy to use, sound and exciting fast game, give you a different joyful chicken experience!

– Happy Teaming
No matter what the final result is, grab your friends and come dance at the Animal Farm.Fold 

Super Animal Royale
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