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Super Buddy Escape

Early Access+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Super Buddy Escape (by elvisyang)

Recruit all kinds of players with quirks, assemble your ultimate squad, and lead them into battle.

Assemble your team
Recruit your special team, face different enemies and teach them how to behave with different firepower!

Evolve your force
Equip and upgrade heroes and levels, allowing them to gain unprecedented power.

Super Buddy Escape

Dominate the battlefield with strategy
The choice of roles in the battle is very important. With a specific hero, you can use a combination of skills to defeat the enemy. Thoroughly master the tactical application of multiplayer squad fights, which will give you the ability to defeat the most powerful villains.

Super Buddy Escape

Dazzling visual effects
Play as your favorite Marvel superhero and super villain in a dazzling mobile game with visual effects!

Unlock and upgrade heroes
A rich variety of heroes are waiting for you to unlock and upgrade, use powerful super skills and portable equipment to sweep the battlefield! Fight in many mysterious locations in Brawl World!

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