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Super Cell Boy

Official Launch+Apk

The description of Super Cell Boy

Horrible pathogenic infection invading the human body…
The immune system forces have fallen. Only you can repel the invaders and restore the patient to full health now! Find the surviving immunity cells, unite them under your banner, and ward off the threat!

Super Cell Boy - Cute idol arcade space shooter
Super Cell Boy - Cute idol arcade space shooter

Key features:

– Play anytime and anywhere;
– Play with one hand tied behind your back: the shooting is fully automated so you can focus on dodging;

– Find mini-cells who will fight the contagious foes alongside you;
– Defeat the dangerous infection and help your host get well again;
– Upgrade your abilities to become more powerful;

– Other cells work tirelessly to make sure you get more coins even while you are offline;
– Destroy the most dangerous of infections to complete the diagrams;
– More than 200 varied, exciting levels await!

Super Cell Boy - Cute idol arcade space shooter
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