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Super Milky Way (VN)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Siêu Cấp Ngân Hà (by Vtc Online)

For fans who love the moba game series – battle, surely it is impossible to ignore the new online game super hot Super Milky Way. The game is full of tactics, requiring skills to use moves, to calculate the best chance of winning.

The game Super Milky Way is released by VTC online in cooperation with Tripeak.

Siêu Cấp Ngân Hà

To be launched in Vietnam in April
With the flexible gaming space, you can comfortably experience the Galaxy Super game on your own phone anywhere, as long as an internet connection is enough.

Siêu Cấp Ngân Hà

Easily share your connection with friends quickly. The team game is very high, there will definitely have to be good combinations with your teammates to win.

Siêu Cấp Ngân Hà

Super Galaxy is entertaining, but also requires players with good skills. Each general in the Super Galaxy has a different specialized skill, as long as you have a good grasp of how to map, how to equip it will maximize the skill of the general.
Tense wits and skills to use skillful skills only need a short time, you can already “win” with teammates!

Ensuring the success elements of the MOBA game genre and developing more attractive features to suit mobile games, Super Milky Way will not disappoint players. Download Super Milky Way to enter and explore the game instantly.

Siêu Cấp Ngân Hà

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