Super Smash Bros

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Super Smash Bros (by AppFunFun)

The idle mobile game “Arcade 100%” is coming! Summon rare heroes and start explosive battles! Cross server hegemony belongs to your glory! Log in to get a god card, and you must hit the first ten consecutive rounds! A European-style card mobile game with a super high explosion rate is waiting for you to play! Beyond AFK

Game Features
Arcade video game Super Smash Bros.
Hundreds of cute transforming character jackets, full of personality and different talent attributes, satisfy all your ideas about role-playing!


The first ten games in a row must produce the best
Super high explosion rate, reject non-chieftains! Log in and get a high-level god card! Guaranteed mechanism, all Ou Huang! Willful summoning, fighting side by side with rare heroes!


Fingertip strategy extreme brain burning
Play strategy, surprise combination! Incarnate as a hero controller, refuse to be crushed by boring values, and freely match the five camps to create an exclusive all-star team with high-value chaos!


Cross-server competition, fun overnight
Guess the challenge for all, it’s not a dream to have fun all night! Various adventures, cross-server competitions, guild battles, arenas and other interesting gameplays are free to explore and play freely!


Magic placement, no liver, no krypton
Stop and play as you go, earn money easily! Rare equipment, hang up and drop across the board! Fight freely and harvest resources easily!

Hundreds of heroes are free to match
More than a hundred kinds of heroes, free to match, super high degree of freedom.


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