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Super Snail

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Super Snail (by Qcplay Limited.)

Step into the world of Super Snail, an idle RPG that offers more than the norm.

You are a snail summoned from a dystopian future and the Gods have found that you must travel to the past in order to save the future!

With the help of the Gods and scavenged technology, your journey begins in the past where you must undertake the eight Demon Gods and their many Apostles and underlings. Along the way, collect a variety of equipment to explore every inch of the modern world and join forces with a diverse range of characters that will support you in saving the world in any way possible…

Super Snail


Choose to develop one of five character attributes, each unlocking unique scenarios while you explore the various parts of the world that need saving. Each decision from choosing a skill to interacting with a character plays a part in your own unique adventure.

Super Snail


Try and pick up on all of the humor between the different characters that reference modern memes as well as recent events. Offer ideas of other jokes you would like to see and perhaps we can incorporate them into the game!

Super Snail


Interact with the Hitmen that want to kill, to the Partners that want to support–through dialogue choices you get to choose what side of their personality to see. Unlocking more of them through hidden tasks and general progression of the game, there is always more to discover.

Super Snail


Search under every rock and tap on every object and see what you find. There are a number of Easter eggs and hidden events scattered throughout not only the world itself, but inside your base. Some of them are obtainable as soon as you start your adventure!

Super Snail


Discover over 400+ real world valuables that will empower you along your journey to save the world that will allow you to experience hidden scenarios and interactions. Although you may not be able to equip everything at once, they all provide a passive buff–this being one of the rare cases where it is always better to have than have not!

As you begin your journey against all evil and experience what it’s like to save the world, you may wish to run away… But through the equipment you gain and the relationships you develop along the way–they will give you strength. For you were chosen by the Gods! If not you, then who will save us?

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Super Snail

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