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Super String (Kr)

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💡Platform – Android

The description of 슈퍼스트링 (by FACTORIAL GAMES)

Game Superstring is Resurrection Man, Terror Man, Ireland, Shinam Hangeosa, etc.
This is a collectible strategic turn-based RPG that recreates popular webtoon heroes in a unified worldview.

Become the general commander controlling superheroes appearing in webtoon,
Please save humanity in a crisis from unknown forces !!

All Webtoon Heroes Submitted!

Horror Man, Resurrection Man, Shinam Hengeosa, Ireland, Neolithic Courtesan, etc.
Popular webtoon superheroes come together!

Resurrection Nam, Terror Man, Sinam Haengeosa, Ireland.

슈퍼스트링 with NAVER WEBTOON

Strategic team management and selection of skills!
-Gather the best team to attack the enemy’s weak points
Choose the best skill for the situation and compete!

A combination of [Human Resurrection] Hwan Juice and [Horror Human] Min Jung Woo?

[Shinam Hengeosa] Combination of Munsu and [Ireland] Won Miho?

슈퍼스트링 with NAVER WEBTOON

The pleasure of collecting and growing

[Agent] More than 100 popular webtoon heroes have been reborn as 3D agents.

[Type] Various combinations of commands by type are possible (attack, defense, concern, support).

[Height] Various growth factors such as level, star, skills, etc.

[Equipment] Maximize the use of strategic skills by installing equipment / core.

슈퍼스트링 with NAVER WEBTOON

Collection of agents, growth of agents, exclusive weapons, set effect

В– Various modes with heroes of webtoon!
-From interesting scenario mode [Scramble]
[Raid], [Abyss], Real Time Strategy [PVP]
Various content to avoid getting bored

Full 3D graphics, exciting action, varied content, PvP in real time

Official website

Stay tuned for updates in the official Facebook community
슈퍼스트링 with NAVER WEBTOON
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