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Super Tower Warriors

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Super Tower Warriors (by EvilSchnitzel)

Super Tower Warriors is free and has simple commands. Tap the screen to jump and hit enemies with deadly blows!

The enchanted kingdom is in danger! Choose your hero and face terrible opponents in the cursed towers. Jump and dodge obstacles, attack enemies, collect coins and artifacts to unlock new levels, bosses and characters!

Super Tower Warriors

Get as high as you can!

Super Tower Warriors offers a lot of fun, but it is difficult to master. Dodge sharp spears, traps, mobile saws, hot lava and more! Use your weapons and deliver deadly blows. Bear monsters, dragons, cursed armors, giant spiders and other challenging bosses.

Super Tower Warriors

Jump and dodge obstacles in different stages
Collect coins to buy new armor and weapons
Fight with bosses full of personality
Unlock other playable characters
Enjoy an amazing soundtrack

Super Tower Warriors
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