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Survival Crisis – Official iOS

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS(SG, US)

The description of Survival Crisis (by WANBAN GAME)

When doomsday comes, countless zombies will ravage the earth. The only way for survivors to live in this land is to constantly strengthen themselves and master more powerful weapons.

Survival Crisis is a competitive survival RPG game in the Doomsday Wasteland. Survivors need to fight against incomparably powerful enemies to win more resources in a limited time.

In this survival game, you will face endless zombie monsters. Only with a diversified defense and various bases, can the kindling of human civilization survive in this cold world. You will meet all kinds of heroes in this journey. Invite them to fight with you. With the fighting coming soon, are you ready for it?

The first step to survival is to find a hidden place and establish your base. Operate, transform and upgrade it to establish a better gathering place for survivors and to save more people. You can best resist zombie attacks together.

Survival Crisis

Only by going out to explore can get you more supplies, which is essential to your survival. Take powerful weapons, build resource points, and arm your base.

Survival Crisis

It’s hard to live alone, and you will meet many like-minded partners. Cooperate with them to feel the sincere friendship in arms and the true meaning of PvE. You are not fighting alone!

Survival Crisis

With only one axe won’t work. Constantly upgrade your equipment in order to challenge stronger zombies, complete designated quests, improve your survival probability, and get survival necessities.

Survival Crisis

To build a strong army, you must recruit as many brave heroes as possible. In the battle, these heroes will grow rapidly and develop exclusive skills to bring you more victories.

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Available: Google Play / App Store – US, SG

Survival Crisis

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