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Survival War: Death World

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Survival War: Death World (by Chiseled Games Japan株式会社)

Survival is the only mission in the apocalypse. In Survival War: Death World, you will experience an intense survival adventure against a global apocalyptic crisis stemming from research on ancient algae. This immersive strategy survival game will test your wits and courage. Every decision counts in this challenging apocalyptic world.

Apocalyptic Survival
Your survival strategy will decide your fate in the apocalypse. Plan out your resource use, build and upgrade your Settlement, and ensure your survival in the apocalypse. It is a race between life and death, and only the savviest strategies can help you survive this apocalyptic adventure.

Survival War: Death World

Embark on an adventure into the unknown and explore the barren lands of the apocalypse. On this journey for survival, you will discover hidden resources, unlock survival skills, and build Alliances with other Survivors to plan your future together.

Survival War: Death World

Pet Development
Faced with the threat from the Infected, bioethics is no longer a creed researchers abide by. Any means that can provide an edge in the fight against the Infected is considered to be done in the name of justice. Modify the genes of ancient beasts and create your perfect pet. It will be your most trustworthy companion in the apocalypse, one even more trustworthy than any human!

Survival War: Death World

Hero Trial
Every hero needs a survival adventure to prove their worth. During this adventure, you will collect and upgrade gear, and lead your heroes in strategic combat to guarantee you hold the advantage in this game of survival.

Survival War: Death World

Ultimate Tower Defense
Turrets are one of the keys to your survival, and you must figure out the optimal turret placement and upgrades to fend off wave after wave of attacks and ensure your survival.

Survival War: Death World

Prepare yourself for the upcoming fights for survival. Enemies in the apocalypse are ruthless and cunning, so every battle must be planned carefully with the right tactics to take down the Infected and hostile forces that dare to threaten your survival.

Game Features
A fusion of apocalyptic survival and strategical elements.
Immerse yourself into the apocalyptic world and pave your own path to survival.
A carefully designed strategical combat system that will test your wits.
Build and upgrade your defenses to ensure your safety.

Available: Google Play – US

Survival War: Death World

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