Survivor Island

Soft Launch +APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Survivor Island (by Longames)

Could you survive on a wild island with only an axe?
The gameplay is simple but challenging. Make some tools and collect supplies to survive. Build
Your island to take in more “Survivors” ……
Expand your territory and population, don’t give up on anyone.

Our story:
On that day, all the humans in the world were petrified! The earth was irradiated by an unknown light and almost all living things were wiped out. Ten thousand years later, new species formed the most primitive society. You think it’s “Pig” … No! This is “Pig-Man”. A variety of intelligent life has opened a new era on Earth…

Survivor Island
Survivor Island
Survivor Island

1. A combination of SIM & light RPG
2. Simple and relaxed 3D graphics style
3. Build fortifications against invasion
4. Explore the map and challenge all kinds of mutants
5. Fantastic islands of different races
The most important thing is to survive.

Available: Google Play – USA


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