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SV Legend (TH)

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The description of SV Legend


Game role playing sword hero is a game online genre loved by gamers worldwide – Now available in Laos. Join the game, you will be surprised with super realistic 3D graphics, a colorful world with perspective movement according to the character. SV LEGEND is a mobile game, Optimal game configuration helps users to experience comfortably on all devices, without lag and without overheating when playing for long periods of time.
Heroes, quickly download the game and join the battle now!


SV Legend

– 5 Attribute Class – 5 Basic Elements
Come to SV LEGEND, You have the opportunity to enter the 5 major sects of martial arts. A special feature of this game is the five elements attribute classified by sects: Iron, Tree, Water, Fire, Soil.

SV Legend

– Hunt For Unlocked Treasures – Getting Rich Is Not Difficult
A very attractive trading feature of SV LEGEND is that all items are unlocked. Through the monster hunting activities, you can easily earn many valuable items.

SV Legend

– Guild Wars – The Place Of Competition For Heroes
The largest playground for guilds – where your brothers can fight and chat by VOICE CHAT to take part in activities: Guild, Boss Hunting, Land Appropriation, Territorial Expansion, Build Power.

SV Legend

– Epic Battlefield – Scale Up To Thousands Of People
The epic battlefield with the participation of thousands of people at the same time. Classy battles from the sects, it is difficult to predict the winner. Personal skills and the support of your teammates are an important factor in winning. So, who will be the champion and be admired by everyone?

– Knight Island – War On Multi Servers
Knight Island is an extremely attractive feature of the game. is an extremely attractive feature of the game. This is a special monster-hunting map, it is full of competition and attraction for players.

SV Legend

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