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Sword and Magic World – NFT


💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Sword and Magic World (by Fantatlantis Limited)

📜 Developer Note:

The MMORPG mobile game featuring free movement combat—Sword and Magic World is about to go online!

Based on Western fantasy mythology, the game incorporates Eastern elements to construct a grand universe of a trinity: the main world, the divine realm, and the devildom. Players will play as elite adventurers and embark on a journey with friends to conquer deities and devils, creating their own history with bravery and romance.

The game uses real-time dynamic lighting technology to optimize and render object materials while leveraging a highly responsive landscape system to present stunning visuals that reflect the natural progression of seasons and time. As the system features 360° panoramic 3D free rotation and innovative intelligent view correction, it brings our players the ultimate visual experience. The game also boasts a well-designed interaction system that allows for free trade and enriched adventures via different platforms. For PvP enthusiasts, the real-time combat gameplay powered by breathtaking landscapes with 3D free rotation surely adds to the spice. Dive into the thrills now, adventurer. The world is yours to conquer!


Stunning Visuals

Immerse yourself in lifelike 3D graphics with dynamic lighting and seamless seasonal transitions, enjoy 360° panoramic views enriched with a quick perspective experience, and enjoy the ultimate visual thrills

Sword and Magic World - NFT

Grand Adventure

Join forces to raid multiplayer dungeons, defeat world bosses, or engage in immersive 3v3 battles. Rally your comrades and fight alongside each other anytime, anywhere

Sword and Magic World - NFT

Multiplayer Battle

Witness heart-pounding battles in the 500v500 Guild Wars and bring back home, victory and glory! Leverage your strategic abilities, show your teamwork skills, and defeat all opponents to be the ruler of the universe

Sword and Magic World - NFT

Epic Weddings

Explore a world of romance and beauty from majestic weddings to enchanting carriage rides, walk down the aisle with your beloved one, and let your love story be witnessed by all!

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Sword and Magic World - NFT

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